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On Soul-Destroying Fatigue

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I wanted to write about fatigue. I’m writing about fatigue instead of writing the other posts that have been floating through my head. Posts tentatively titled things like:

  • How Do You “Decompress” When You Hate Your Life?
  • I Don’t Know Why I Bother To Write When I Know I Will Inevitably Piss Someone Off
  • I’m Smarter Than All The Dumb People, and Most People Are Dumb
  • Maybe My Kids Will Be Serial Killers After All

These are post titles from the dark side. The dark side of fatigue. I don’t know how I get there, but I know when I am there: I’ve crossed over from “Tired but ok” and “We just had a bad night” to “If I glare at you hard enough for asking about how I’m feeling, you will die from my eye stabbing.” Were you renting Alvin and The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked on Amazon Instant Video at 5:15 yesterday morning to keep your children from screaming? Were you up today at 4 am googling pinworm symptoms? No? Then I am violently disinterested in your perspective on life. I’m on night 6 of…. week 5 of… oh, who am I kidding? I’m on year 4 of bad nights. Continue reading