Bonne Annee

All quiet in the nervosa front lately. Jen and I speak nearly every day and we’re always saying, I need to post! Life is all-consuming right now. Jen’s fourth baby is due any day now, and we are both being swallowed by the POLAR VORTEX. We are muddling through. We’re here, we’re just not here. The blogosphere feels so much like an echo chamber that it’s hard to feel like I’ve accomplished something when I post here, other than the fact that it’s living proof that I haven’t quit writing. It seems like the possibilities for blogging are vast, but it’s harder and harder to climb your way out of obscurity and towards a readership without 24/7 presence, ads, etc. That’s just not gonna happen with us. Even writing and submitting poetry — which I continue to do — feels ephemeral, next to pointless. Nanowrimo taught me that the world is drowning in words. I’m dog paddling. But hey, I’m out here.

Our post-academic e-book got published earlier this week. It’s bargain-priced and completely lovely and you should read it. I have to say that collaborating with JC, Currer Bell, and Jet has been enormously gratifying. We worked beautifully together for a year and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s out there, and it’s being read.

I started crafting again, which is a surprise to all of us, and am loving sewing and crocheting. The projects take shape in my hands, and I can listen to audio books. Sweet!


We continue to struggle mightily with our finances. Loans, childcare, and it seems like everything we got for our wedding 10 years ago is breaking, and our lovely old house is doing that Murphy’s law thing. I realized last week that there’s simply no way we can afford to have our kids in full-time care this summer. I have no idea what to do about that. I mean, I’m at a loss.

I’m slowly but surely working towards applying to secondary teaching positions at some point in the future (near or far,  not sure). I’m dreaming in curricula, missing the energy. I got my teaching license in the mail last month.

2014 — joy, surprises, handiwork.

3 Responses to Bonne Annee

  1. There are tons and tons of words on the internet, but I, for one, do miss your particular voices and perspectives. I hope you’ll both still find occasional time to write here.

  2. Thank you — that is so encouraging! I will try to post more often.

  3. I thought of your blog and writings on post-ac realities when I saw this. It’s not specifically post-ac, but thought it provided a lot of good background on why the traditional academic career path fails a lot of folks, and why that won’t change: