Want to help us write a “how to leave academia” resource?

Based on the responses to my previous entry, and some others as well, Currer Bell, JCJet and I are going to try and create a website and e-book resource for those leaving academia.

We envision the website as a hub where people can get basic info and resources, and lots of reassurance. We hope the e-book will focus more on the contemplative/emotional aspects of leaving. “A book to read in the tub,” as one commenter said.

If you’re interested in helping out or contributing, let one of us know. You can comment here or email me at lauren.nervosa@gmail.com. If you do graphic design, can help us make a website not look sucky, have a specific topic or insight you’d like to share for other quittas, or are thinking you’d like to contribute a more thoughtful and polished essay to an e-book, please be in touch. Thanks!

3 Responses to Want to help us write a “how to leave academia” resource?

  1. I think this is fantastic idea, and I would love to contribute to the website/book! I’m a postacademic turned entrepreneur.

  2. Feck yeah, I’d like to be involved. I’d love to write something for the ebook…

  3. Supercool, UoL — zip me an email!