Life on the Edge: Walking, Talking, Napping, Nursing

Margeaux turns 1 this month, and she has decided to celebrate big-girl style, by staying up until 11 pm, saying new words every day, and generally refusing to be treated as a baby, except when she wants to nurse. This is life on the edge for us, straddling the border between babyland and toddlerworld.

As of today, Margeaux can say:








club cracker

She pulls up, stands on her own, walks behind a laundry basket–those first few steps are just days away.

Margeaux splashes happily in her new water table.

She chases her sisters down the hall, up the slide, tries to climb the ladder to the bunk beds. She stands at the edge of the bathtub and shouts nonsense punctuated occasionally with BATH BATH BATH. Given the opportunity, she will unroll the entire megaroll of toilet paper and tear it gleefully, tossing the fluffy, useless shreds into the air while I desperately try to gather up the mountains of still potentially usable stuff and reroll it into a lumpy mess that no longer fits on the holder.

And when she is tired, she crawls up on my lap and tugs at my shirt and nurses to sleep. I know this is a CONTROVERSIAL TOPIC, what with the recent Time Magazine cover and all, but I have to say, it does not feel like a hot button issue in our lives (except when she bites me. Do you hear that Margeaux? STOP BITING.).

Summer vacation is in full swing here: kids museum, children’s garden, fireflies in the backyard, wagon rides around the block, staying up late and sleeping in. I’m enjoying the easy rhythm of it all, in no hurry to move on to the next big thing. In the back of my mind, I know fall will be here before we know it, but right now, it feels like we have all the time in the world. We can stay here on the edge for a while, celebrate all month long, lounge in the sweet in-between. If Margeaux wants to nurse and eat club crackers, I’ve got no objections. We’re taking this summer one baby step at a time.



3 Responses to Life on the Edge: Walking, Talking, Napping, Nursing

  1. That year one to year two transition is so huge. I remember being excited and sad when Holly started moving into toddlerhood. And now, as she transitions into potty trained preschooler. I guess that’s how it is with our last babies. But Holly still nurses to sleep :).

  2. 1-2 is amazing. And with such different challenges than the first year. I will definitely be writing more about this transition.
    And apparently I am inadvertently entering the land of extended breastfeeding? I did not plan this, but I am okay with it, though not really sure how to or whether to set boundaries. And how do I get her to stop biting, because, OW?!? Maybe we should have a breastfeeding chat this week.